Wishing You an amazing, heart fulfilling Sunday

My Dear Irradiated Friend, Goody good morning.

Wishing You an amazing, heart fulfilling Sunday overflowing with your completeness & ebullient joy.

May you be blessed with eyes that see the good, heart that overflows with joy & forgives the worst, mind that forgets the bad, body that glows with perfect health & soul that has absolute faith in Self.

May you experience good feelings, vitality & cheerfulness; peace & stillness of the Now; being immersed in aroma of rejuvenating coffee, juiciness of sautéed french toast, incredible beauty of a flower, drowsy warmth of sun, feathery touch of the cool breeze.

The beauty & bliss of being in the timeless, thoughtless Now and savouring what is from your contented wholesomeness … and spontaneously radiating out peace, love & joy.

Your heaven is where You are.

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