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This post is not about the chicks or the chickens but rather about the power of investing and growing your investments before taking profits of it. In these days a lot of people are looking to instant gratification of making quick returns. As much as making quick returns is not a bad idea but it is not always a lasting one. There are certain add-ons that are necessary to get the desired results, which also forces other parts of your mind to be strong enough for your result management mindset.

When day old chicks are bought to the farm, you don’t eat them the next day. They are kept under certain temperatures, fed and nurtured to get desired size before putting them up for sale. The amount of chicks in a room are determined by the size of the space. The feeds given to them have a very high level of protein and vitamins specific to their age. They are checked upon very regularly by the farm investor to ensure they are growing right. But as they grow the feed formula changes correspondily to fit the size and weight of the chicken. There is a minimum of 90 days before the chicken begin to lay eggs or are sold for maximum returns on investment.

I know we have already two months into year 2021, if you per chance you haven’t done an investment yet it’s not too late, you can take that step today by first of all identifying the investment you want to venture into and then taking time out to study the investment you want to go into.

Seek to understand what is required at each stage of growth of your business/investment as well as understand the different branches of your investment/business, ranging from awareness, acceptance, marketing, sales and referrals.

Business and investment mainly exist to profit so stop literally eating your profits before they arrive otherwise you will kill the business or investment prematurely and you will go broke before time.

Three levels of money: make it, manage it, and multiply it. I have noticed from observation that the first two are not as difficult as the last one, in fact, there is an increasing level of difficulty as you move from making money to multiplying it. Learn to wait until it is ripe and then you can enjoys the best of your investment.

Learn the time game of your business.

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