Be Humble,Be Teachable,Keep Learning

I believe we are all talented and gifted exceptionally but when it comes to progression in life some advance far more rapidly than others and may even be ahead of their instructors or may be inclined to tune out their teachers. Yet, even the best and brightest have space for their talents/giftings and skills to grow, knowledge to broaden. A teachable disposition stretches and enlarges talent to its full

capacity. Teachable people are fully engaged in life. They’re curious and inquisitive, and they pursue knowledge and growth. They discover new pathways and grasp new insights that combine with their talent to make them exceptional leaders.

You do well you when add-on. There is nothing like you know too much. We thrive exceptionally well when we submit ourselves to be taught.

Be teachable.

Arrogance hinders blessings and prolong breakthroughs

Who is someone even better than you are in your path and what can you learn from him or her?

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