Beyond Talent I

Still on the matter:TALENT

I do believe that a person’s natural abilities are overrated and frequently misunderstood.

While talent is an undeniable advantage, it accomplishes nothing by itself. If talent is not paired with right decisions, it atrophies and eventually evaporates.

Everyone has an area of giftedness—something they do exceptionally well. Certainly, we should pinpoint our talents and refine them.

However, the pivotal choices we make in life—apart from the natural talent we possess—will set us apart from the masses of other people trying to skate by on talent alone.

The first and greatest obstacle to success for most people is their belief in themselves.

Lack of self-faith acts as a ceiling on talent. If you don’t believe in yourself who else would??? If you can’t buy your own selling preposition who else would??? There is something about self faith;it brings alignment of resources to your project..

However, when you believe in yourself, you kind off unleash your talents with minimal challenge that helps you tap into the resources around you, and immediately rise to a higher level.

Still on the matter;
1.Can you sell yourself to yourself??

2. Would you buy yourself if your were a product??

3. Would you buy a product/talent or invest in a place that the owner isn’t sure of himself??

4.What makes you think it can’t be done by you??

Stay with me. …

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