Talent and Resistance III

Still on the matter: Talent and Resistance

Have you ever given up on something meaningful to you? Why did you quit? 2. Fitness gyms are usually packed in early January as people attempt to honor their New Year’s resolutions. However, by February to March the crowds have thinned substantially. What separates the few people who persevere in living out their New Year’s resolutions from the many who abandon?

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It is normal to note that whenever we attempt to build our talents resistance is likely to be encountered, sometimes this resistance comes from within us; we must conquer our fears or overcome complacency.

At other times, the resistance comes from the outside: people are likely to doubt our abilities or life’s circumstances conspire against us.

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Whatever the origin, it is imperative to note that every aspiring person faces opposition especially during the beginning of their pursuit, it is therefore important to management your emotions through courage, perseverance and encouragement from the relationships created around you to help you not to quit.

It is only by displaying the courage, encouraging yourself not to quit and persevering to do what is necessary instead of what is easy to do we allow our talent to shine and thrive. Most times the only difference between success and failure is the will to keep going. Quitting guarantees a losing outcome.  

Another way to help you not to quit is to fix the mind on the reward rather than the sacrifice you are making. When we focus our minds on the sacrifices we’re making instead of the rewards we’re approaching, then we put ourselves in danger of giving up. You can’t make a difference if you’re not even in the game.

Keep your eyes on the prize during the hardships of life. Perseverance will sustains your talent and people who persevere—through adversity, pain and fatigue—wring every last drop out of their talent and achieve the greatest victories. Encouragement from yourself and people will energizes you to keep going.

You write in order to change the world... (James Arthur Baldwin)

Courage will test you but perseverance will sustains your. So whenever you encounter any form of resistance internally of externally encourage yourself to persevere; keep going don’t stop!!!!

Stay with me, you can be all you want to be just don’t quit.

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