Talent, passion and focus alone cannot take you there II

Someone who is PASSIONATE about what he/she wants to give to society doesn’t wait for perfect moments/opportunities to fall in their laps; they work hard to create options.

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There is one thing to be talented and there is another thing to be passionate about your talent; a person passionate about his/her talent will proactively pursue his/her dreams by seeking out mentors, finding growth environments, and maximizing the moments of each day to move closer to manifestation. Instead of being paralyzed by uncertainty, the talent-plus person plunges into it determined to find the way.

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Talent comes with a lot of distractions that can impair your ability; you would need your passion to direct your FOCUS, your focus will intend direct your talent by proper prioritization and execution of tasks. To stay focus you would need to create an enabling environment which I will talk about later.   

We PREPARE at the backstage not on stage. We prepare at the backstage where nobody is watching us and there are no spectators. It is at back stage that great lessons are learnt, crafts are perfected and the groundwork for success are laid. Performs on stage is just a reflection of what you have been doing in your secret place. You play the way you practice. Don’t expect to wow the crowd on the big stage when you’ve been giving halfhearted effort during rehearsals.

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On the other hand, if you’ve worked diligently on your craft behind the scenes, then someone is bound to notice when the lights come on.

We can be tempted to skip the preparation stage because seemingly nothing is being accomplished during that period, we would need to fall on our passion then and there to stay focus while we prepare in advance, in other to make better use of our energy and work more effectively when the time comes to act. Spectacular achievement comes from unspectacular preparation.

Talent, passion and focus alone cannot take you there. You would need a lot of preparation. Even renowned personalities do spent hours upon hours on rehearsal for programs.

  1. I know you have the talent and the passion is there and all you have been waiting/looking for is the platform to show the world what you’ve got but I would like to know; have you perfected your craft?
  2.  What preparation have you done so far?

Stay with me.

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