Turning Bad Experience to fuel series

Have you ever had a bad experience that changed you as a person in a more positive way?

Sure, it must have been hard and very tough at first, but they did change you somehow, and perhaps opened your eyes!

I once heard a story about a 9 years old girl who had no means to further fulfill her dreams. In short, she was a very poor child with what we know as the hand to mouth existence. Her mom , a single parent got married to a good-hearted man with 5 children of his own.

As they join the family, she became the youngest of the broad and that was just dandy but life was still hard so she normally had to walk 10kms (both ways) to school rain or shine every school day and work every during the weekend in their small plantation.

In their plantation was planted chayote in a slope and every time there was a harvest, they would have a long haul from the bottom of the slope to the house to pack before bringing to the market, something she got quickly used to and dandy with.

During harvest time her Stepdad could go and reserve a space for their produce in a car operated by just few people to picked up their produce the next morning to the market.

On this particular time her Stepdad went and reserve a space for their produce for the next day which the transport owner assured him that they will reserve it for him for he was the first to make reservation.

But when the time came the next morning and they waited and waited from dawn till sunrise but alas! when the car finally came it was full to the brim, even the top was loaded and there was no way they could accommodate their product.

The little girl looked at her Stepdad’s face, he looked so sad especially in the eyes as if he wanted to cry but making a brave face he cancelled his disappointment and said  it‘s ok there is still tomorrow” and the little girl responded “ yes dad, there will be tomorrow , I will buy you your own car to transport your produce”

On that particular day, her Stepdad wanted their harvest to be delivered because prices were good for fresh vegetable but by the next day prices had drop 25% less.

The look in the Stepdad’s eyes motivated the little girl to work tirelessly while growing up in her quest to change the lives of her family positively. In the end she fulfilled her promise which is to buy him a car to transport his produce.

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