Turning Bad Experiences to fuel series

A man once narrated how he used to become very angry if he did not like something or if something did not happen as per planned.

But many a time his family members and love ones could say him that he didn’t behaved well and his anger was very unreasonable.

According to him, one day somehow it dawned on him mind that if he did not like something in others, other people might also dislike things in him and he might be wrong sometimes but they perhaps just have tolerating his excesses.

He then started to analyze incidents and situations from other’s point of view. Then he realized that perhaps they also may be right and he should look into things from their perspective also. Well, he tried it and then had the inclining that many a time he was not so reasonable in his behavior after all. This prompted a need in his heart to improve on the same.

I am sure this eye opener turn around event helped him to know that though we may feel that we are right, we might not be right after all which helped him to embrace diversity in opinions thereby understanding, appreciating and relating much better to people while initiating growth  in his path.

We need to realize that everyone has his own world in his heart where he lives with others and has views for everyone. Hence, we should respect everybody and his internal world as his world is dearest to him. This helps one to earn respect from others.

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