Turning Bad Experience to fuel series:the pain of a wounded Healer

So, the talented beautiful Adaora shared a bit of her story quiet recently and I believe is worth sharing in this series

In her post which she termed as “Full Circle’’ she noted that in January 2019, she was in Sri Lanka for a scheduled surgery after a series of health challenges. During that time, she was simultaneously going through a divorce as well.

She had to shut down her business,and according to her she was at ground zero and the pain she felt was inexplicable, yet she was still firing on all cylinders – showing up, and doing her mission work.

Little did she know that the pain she felt was birth pangs! She was birthing. But in order for her to birth, God needed to call her FROM, so He can call her TO as she indicated.

In the midst of everything she was going through and on her way to Sri Lanka she wrote the draft book “This Thing Called Purpose” on the plane. By the time she touched down Sri Lanka, she had a book.

And for few days she locked herself up in the bedroom to write as the message kept pouring into her soul and at the end of those lockup days in her bedroom, she had 192 pages that came together beautiful well.

It was when she dropped the book in 2019, that her friends heard for the first time about her separation. Her reasons for not telling people or finding solace in others or engaging in pity partying was because she wanted to focus on what God was showing her in that season, and therefore didn’t want distractions from all the sentiments (even though well-meaning)

You can get a copy of this amazing book from https://www.amazon.com/Thing-Called-Purpose-Adaora-Mbelu/dp/9789624719

What I learnt is that sometimes, we think that pruning means that what we cut off must be bad. No. Pruning may requires cutting off what will not allow you grow or what is misplaced in other to bring tranquility and conformity in our lives and space. In many cases, it will be things that we are sentimental about, and have grown to love and may paining to part ways with. Pruning may be one of most painful life experiences as it may feel a bit of skin literally tearing from your fresh but if allow yourself to go through that process and you trust God with your life the it becomes

We need to know that there is no way God will take anything away from us without the intention of replacing it with something better.

But we need to understand that what is good for you, might be different from what is good for another hence It doesn’t mean that what you had was bad, it just means that there is better for you.

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