Turning Bad Experience to fuel series:The unwavering love

Sometimes the bad things that happen to our lives put us directly on our path and Hatem, a teenager is no different from this statement.

Hatem was not the best in his class and his result wasn’t something to be proud of as a parent but something that people do all the time and nothing happen happened to him that transformed his life.

One day Hatem decided to buy fireworks. This was his first time actually lighting one himself although he had seen other kids doing on that day and so he asked his mother to gather the whole family outside so they can watch. It was a national holiday and the entire family was gathered at his grandma’s.

When he wanted to lit the fireworks his mother insisted that she wanted to hold the fireworks with him, she was afraid that something might go wrong and so kept insisting till he gave in.

So, they both held it with their left hands while she used the matches to lit it up. The first few seconds was normal, little sparks flew out of it.

Mum: “why is taking too long? “he asked.

Then BAM!! instead of exploding into the sky, it exploded in their hands.

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The neighbors gathered from all over the neighborhood, some shouting and asking what happened, others just hurriedly carried their kids inside.

Fortunately, his uncle took them to the hospital where they were hospitalized for days before discharging them after going through series of surgeries and losing some of their fingers; Hatem lost his ring finger while his mum lost two of her fingers.

At the hospital he saw his mum in so much excruciating pain than him yet her love for him was unwavering neither did she blamed him for her predicament.

The guilt of his mum sacrifice placed him in a path of determination that he was going to make her proud.

And so, he chattered his new path and within a while he went from failing in class to being the first in his class. It wasn’t just his results that transformed, there was a total transformation of Hatem’s disposition.

What if the fireworks had worked perfectly? What if his mum wasn’t hurt?

Sometimes the bad things that happen to our lives put us directly on our path.

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