Rest is not a waste of time

It seems we only rest once we reach the point of exhaustion. I guess mentally, emotionally and physically wearing ourselves out somehow justifies taking a break so we don’t feel guilty. But then the rest is not really replenishing, it just barely gets us back to baseline.

Today I am encouraging you to proactively rest.

Rest when you are not tired.

Rest when you are not drained.

Rest just because you now how rejuvenating it is!

Young woman resting in bed.

When we rest proactively, our bodies become accustomed to restoration.

When we rest re-actively, our bodies become used to being depleted.

I know first hand how hard it can be to rest and literally “do nothing” when you are used to being a high-achiever, having lots of responsibility, or being hard on yourself. But trust me, once you get over the hump of BS guilt about rest, you will notice the benefits.

Rest will lead to greater productivity and less irritability. More creativity and less depression. Better health and less pain.

Trust me if you’re cranky, unmotivated, and tired – you most likely need some replenishing, 100% guilt free rest!

Intentional rest, which doesn’t have to be for hours a day, is an investment in your well-being. One hour of rest could be the best use of your time because you will be more emotionally, mentally and physically equipped to deal with your responsibilities and go after your dreams.

So rest, my dear friends. 💚

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