Turning Bad Experience to fuel series:The Friendship

We all have our own paths in life and my path is not the same as yours or anyone else’s. I believe that some people will have a fairly smooth journey through life with no major ups or downs.

But others will have a rollercoaster ride and won’t know which way is up sometimes. I think it is these people who are more likely to experience pivotal turning points, as they come out of one bad situation, into a good one.

For Zoloiev his most pivotal turning point was a rare, chance meeting of a friend in a pub one evening. They knew of each other, but weren’t close friends at the time.

Zoloiev was a quiet, shy, repressed, introvert guy who was married to a narcissistic, controlling, hypochondriac woman and to add to this he was in a dead-end job and extremely unhappy, and had an official complaint lodged against his boss for harassment and inappropriate behavior.

They got talking at the pub and he said that he was looking for a Systems Engineer for a new project he was involved with.

He had his breakthrough interview that evening and midway through the following afternoon he got a call that he has the job. From that moment onwards, his feet never touched the ground; literally travelling around the world, working in lots of different countries.

In the course of the travelling Zoloeiv met a guy who later turned into a best friend anyone could possibly ask for.

Firstly, he helped him to come out of his hell without him knowing what he was literally doing and in return Zoloeiv became more confident and started believing in himself.

He also helped him understand all the reasons why he wasn’t happy at home and marriage. Through their regular conversation he begun to see that his marriage was not normal, as he had been led to believe.

His marriage was anything but normal; Zoloeiv discovered after getting married that his wife had been a serial cheater in the past and had been married before and information, he wasn’t privy to earlier. To add to this, he also learned that she cheated on him before and during the marriage.

He found the courage to say “enough” got divorced and to walk away. Luckily, they did not have children.

His best friend went on to help he rebuild his life, supporting him all the way. He gave him a shoulder to cry on whenever he needed him, because he wasn’t ashamed being vulnerable before him.

And when, Zoloeiv met his current partner, his friend was there with him all the way to the extent of lending him money from his own savings to buy an apartment.

In essence, his friends supported and helped him through all his challenges and also helped him to become a better person.

What could had happened if he did not had gone to the pub that evening?

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