Opened Letter to my Son

Dear son,

I know you might be anxious to read this letter but please do not open Until you’re 16.

This is father trying to reach you from the other side with a gladden heart knowing that not me nor anyone made you who you are but Jehovah and your own hard work.

I know by now you are disappointed at some of the decisions I had to make but believe me that I was left with no option as I was cornered at that moment. I refused to listen to my inner voice and trust my guts but my emotions had the best of me.

Son, believe me that I didn’t leave like the way you might be thinking I did but trust me that I left you in the hands of Jehovah himself who has always come through with my burdens and provided me with my needs.

I will ensure that every opportunity is well spent and every time is well used until my last. So don’t be surprised that weird happenings seem to be directing your path because I will be out there watching over you like a hawk.

I want you to know that you were loved more than the word itself but situations compelled us to part ways. It may not be today. It might not even be next week, month, or year but I know you will understand and finally get to know how I lived and how I want you to live.

The legacy I had wanted for myself and thus you should pursue is a life of selflessness. Live like a God and beyond the imagination of a man. In the days to come, life will take a swipe at you but overlook your personal frustrations and pains and always try to be there for others, That to me has no price tag.

Someday, you’re going to be the best part of somebody’s life. You are going to be the reason why that person is going to believe in the value of life and love again. You are going to be the reason why that person is going to look at life from a fresh new lens; from a completely different perspective. You are going to be this person’s motivation to pursue greatness and success in life.

Son, let me break it down so you understand what it means to be a God that when we leave this life mankind would either remember us or wonder how we lived. Its solemn prayer and plead that live this quality life not withstanding all these pressures.

First of all, Be Someone’s Reason To Be Thankful. Frowning and tears are now smiles and laughter for someone, and it’s you that spurred the transformation. One day, you will only bring happiness, joy, and amazement to someone’s life. You’ll be the reason that they can look at the fountain of life and suddenly see it completely full, not just half full or half empty. With you in their world, they will realize that there is always something to be grateful for, beauty to be found, and wonders to be explored.

Son, please Be Someone’s Motivation One day, someone cannot imagine life without you. You motivate them to be the best and the truest version of themselves. They won’t be dependent upon you, though. Instead, it will be you that motivates them to find their own unique voice and sense of self. They will simply feel safe and secure knowing they can stay true to themselves without risking the happiness they’ve found with you.

In all things always Be Someone’s Hope One day, you’ll be someone’s meaning behind hope. In a world full of dark corners and deceptive shadows, you will be light of clarity that illuminates their world. They’ll likely have had a long road to you, and it may be scattered with a past of setbacks, sadness, loneliness, and silence. You will be the one to sweep the road ahead so that they can open up to you, trust, and get back the smile they thought they had long ago lost.With you, they can see that they are capable of everything and anything they set their mind to achieve.

The life they once thought out of reach will now be within reaching distance. Your presence will awaken their flame of desire for life and all its pursuits, and your inspiration will inspire them to do things far greater than they ever thought possible.Never relent to Be Someone’s Security.

Now that you are in their pond, they will feel like the biggest fish in the biggest pond, not the smallest fish in the smallest pond. You relieve their insecurities and fears and help them find the confidence that’s evaded them for so long.

One day, just be yourself to remind someone else that they’re enough, too. However, they want to take risks and pursue their wildest dreams because they know you will stand by their side, keeping pace, holding their hand, and never giving up on them.There will be times you will have to Be Someone’s Everything.One day, you will be someone’s priority.

Life as they know it will be unimaginable without you. You will be the best thing that ever happened to them. You will be the center, beginning, and end of their universe. Anything they were too afraid to hope for in a partner exists within you. You’ll be the epitome of the complete package as their friend, lover, partner, confidante, and ally. Although perfect may not exist, you are the most perfect thing they can meet in life. Even your greatest flaw will become someone’s notion of the most perfect imperfection.Try as much as possible to Be Someone’s Only Choice.

One day, you’ll be someone’s reason to stop foraging and wandering. They won’t see it as settling down or settling for the best option; they’ll see you as their one and only choice. Any fear of commitment and doubts of love being eternal they’ve had in the past have vanished completely thanks to you entering their life. You’ve made them a believer, and you’ve given them the courage and will to stay whether times are easy or difficult.You’re mine so also Be Someone’s Clarity.

Emotions are very difficult to comprehend my son. I have always tried and control it but I finally agreed with your grandmother on this. That is by saying that One day, everything will be clear, unquestionable, and completely natural. You’ll understand why all the other past intimate relationships never panned out. You’ll understand what that something was that always felt like it was missing, ajar, or forced. You will realize that all the heartbreaks, disappointments and sadness of the past have prepared you for this very moment of ‘one day.’

The clarity will be intense as you realize you were always destined for something more and have finally found the completeness of it, and it will be even more intense when you realize you’ve provided this same clarity to another human being. All of the other moments in life for the two of you were merely a set of steps leading you to an apex – your ‘one day.

Written by: Villagelifer

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