Does love charm work?

Is it true that a spell of witchcraft can help one find love? Let’s face it, a number of career women and housewives today are turning to witchcraft for love.  What’s pushing many into the practice.

“Why should a girl exist without a man today? I mean, if you want him, you can get him regardless of whether he is interested in you or not. Trust me, there are certain ways to make him want you, just visit a recommended native doctor and you can have it done without a hassle,” said Lorna (not real names), a single mother.

The above statement might startle you but there are many African women out there who are turning to witchdoctors to either get their way into relationships or save their marriages.

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At first the practice used to be a hidden phenomenal whereby the practitioner is located at somewhere remote where people go and solicit for help just like the way we do see happening in movies but I believe the primitive trend has changed, now they are everywhere on social media. The supposed charms are now been marketed like groceries or clothing lines or appliances. As much as this is scary, I stand to be corrected but I believe it is a reality here and now.

Does love charm works? Why would someone keep and manipulate against their will? Can we say it’s spiritual kidnapping sort off? How long will a charm last?

What could be the reasons why women will resort to charm or juju in their relationships

As a woman is natural that when all your peers are settling down and starting families and you aren’t, you might  panic and then resort to witchcraft to get a partner especially when the dating field isn’t favorable for you or your partner isn’t showing any commitment or the you feel the relationship you are in has stalled or the competition in the relationship is very keen.

Some women want their partners to just love and listen to them all the time without much fuss. But for some women, when their spouse is always disrespecting and terrorizing them, and not doing things the way they would want it, they most prolly turn to (charm)juju.

Most people resort to using certain herbs to wash their private parts or wearing certain beads to tame their partners as well as prevent them from getting erection when they try to cheat.

Most women are very intuitive and knows when they’re been played or use. Not all will forgive and let go when the reality begins to unfold especial when have invested financially and emotionally and when the biological clock is to their disadvantage

Another reason would be when the man in question is stingy or is already married but want to have a side piece. Most woman or all though would want to milk the man while the relationship last has such women already know they will be at the losing end when the relationships ends.

The above are or could be some of the reasons why women would visit the witch doctor. And it is not just the village and uneducated woman who dabble in this. The so called corporate and even Christian women have been known to seek change in their relationships using juju. The fact that it is illegal, dangerous and sometimes fatal does not stop them from using it.

I am not judging but what society do not realize is that when these men change and start doing what the women desire, it is not out of free will. And should that “curse” be broken, the partner might go back to doing the bad things he was doing or it might even get worse.

Aside this we need to understand that we are in a race and each and every one will one day hand over the baton to the next generations and therefore we should be mindful of actions that has negative repercussions to generation unborn. It would be better for women to seek more peaceable ways to get their partners to change rather than going behind a person’s back using such dangerous methods to a person’s affection.

I identify myself with God but believe this charm thing exist and work however this is right (not judging anyone as this is my opinion). I believe that no matter how far one has gone or entangled themselves with this charm thing if the person should turn to God and submit your hidden secrets to Him; He is merciful to forgive and has a better way to sort you out.

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