Take Your Time But Don’t Waste Your Time

Hearing “take your time but don’t waste your time” for the first time might sound a bit strange. How can a person have possession of time? In other words, how can time be my time or your time? However, a similar expression is take all the time you need. But how can I take all the time I need and still not waste it??
To not waste your time when taking your time means whilst you wait out things to take inform decision or for a finance/career/life opportunity you analyse the decision you want to make, evaluate it, seek for additional information, while you wait for that opportune time for your breakthrough you make conscious effort to educate/developed yourself, count your cost so that when you finally take the step you know what you doing.

When we waste time, we are obviously not fulfilling purpose.
A fool wastes time, but a person with understanding and wisdom of his purpose knows how to prioritize his or her day. The wise person has margin built into the day, allowing time for the unexpected. Wise people use time wisely, maintaining order and balance within their schedules.

Learn to say no to the things that are not truly important. And be diligent to consistently follow the dream God has placed in your heart. Yes, it is important to make time for others, but not all of your time.

Our faithfulness and service with time will determine the impact we leave.
keep a diary of your activities for a few days to see how your days, hours, and even minutes are spent. If you keep an honest log of your time, it will be a real eye-opener.

Hoard your time like how some misers hoard their money and animals hoard their food
When we make the most of our time, then the time we spend will end up making the most of us. Once time is gone, it’s gone. It is non-refundable.
Many of us all too often will waste that precious time in things that put up barriers against our dreams. A wasted time is nonrefundable so make sure you savour every moment and use it to your full potential.
If something doesn’t have meaning in the grand scheme of your life, ignore it and move on.

Time dey but it no dey like that.

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