Stop bad mouth and bashing your spouse to others

I have been engrossed with someone’s SITUATION that it drained it me out emotionally because I felt the person’s pain. I noticed for a while the said person has been acting strange and confiding in people so I acted like I had no idea and waited to see if I will be approached.

From observation you could tell it was relationship matter, I can’t recall what brought about our conversation but I ended up convincing this person to tell me the truth of the situation because you can’t really help a person when you do not know the truth of the matter. Long story short we talked, then we concluded that it wouldn’t be a surprise that the narrative might change and things will work together just like the bible said for our good. I noted my feeling that this situation will not end in shame. Then boom the narrative changed next day, but out of pain of curses have been laid, insult dispatched, image tarnished unbeknownst to the other partner to externals.

The question is how are you going undo every negative conversation you had with others or even plead with them not to say a word about those conversations.

Dear sisters, please learn to stop broadcasting every relationship situation to externals. For some reason, it’s common and normal for us sisters to bad mouth and bash our spouse to others anytime there is SOURNESS in the relationship. I don’t know who thought us that or normalize it but the truth is, whenever you are talking bad about someone, the effects go much deeper than you may realize.

Yes, externals love you and would want to know how you are faring in the marriage/relationship however whatever information you relate to them is what they would hold onto and against you or the other partner. Imagine someone who once respected your partner disrespecting him because of what you told him/her about him. You may forgive your partner and might even forget the incident because of the love you have them but that can’t be said about those you bad mouth him and if you aren’t luck some will hold it against you. They aren’t bad people they care and want to protect you.

We talk too much sometimes, Yes it might hurt like a wound inflicted on the flesh and it may seems like if you don’t get an emergency solution immediately your world will end , yes it does hurt terribly bad but if you can wait it out and allow the storms to pass and the dust to settle and pray to God for clarity of the situation, I am quite sure you will get hindsight about what do ,whom to talk too and what to say.

May we know better and do better

Date/marry well and let yours be inspiration for others to do better.

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