Turning Bad Experience to fuel series: Terry’s Story

Terry was an atheist on the last day of high school when he asked himself,

“What are you going to do with the rest of your life, Terry?”

(As you might have guessed, he was sufficiently disconnected from his family that he never had that discussion with them.)

After forty-five minutes of pondering, he then decided that his life’s goal was to figure out how humanity could live and work together harmoniously and then teach them.

As a result, to this decision he joined the Air Force, and by the time he got out, he had the answer. But it threw him into a deep depression because he knew that man couldn’t rectify what was wrong.

The Three Pillars of Civilization – Government, Economy, and Religion – every one of them was founded on principles that were diametrically opposed to the principles necessary for man to live in harmony with one another.

And as Einstein pointed out, a problem can’t be solved on the same level that created it which left Einstein only with mankind’s ultimate self-destruction and Terry also without any reason for living.

That’s when he heard God said, in effect,

“Now you’re ready to get to know Me.”

And God provided people who were willing to teach him the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

He devoured what he was learning, but didn’t commit for two years until he delved ever more deeply into the Bible, and eventually discovered that God identified these three “pillars” as the very ones that needed to be destroyed and replaced with His versions that were based on love, rather than fear.

It wasn’t until years later that it occurred to him that the good Shepherd was responsible for planting the life goal to figure out how humanity could live in harmony, then provided the literature necessary for us humanity to find the answers.

And this – all in preparation for him to be able to recognize Him once he opened the Bible.

His biggest turning point in his life from been an atheist to Christian was a simple question – “What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

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