Lessons from wearing lens

When I was in upper class at the basic level of my education I accidentally exposed my eyes to dust at the playground of the school during break time and this affected my eyes.

I wouldn’t stand the pain so my dad and I visited the optician the next day and I was put on medication that aided and facilitated the healing of eye tissues that were bruised and everything was back to normal for me. 

However, months later, the pain came back again and again. So a test was done and it was discovered that the pain was chronic one which I would have to manage for the rest of my life. I was put on eye drops, ointment and an optical lens as my sight was getting blur.

Wearing of lens was weird and to be honest, at first I felt shy, uncomfortable and vulnerable in class and public places with my glasses.

In my mind’s eye people stared everywhere I turned and I felt weird and wanted to stop wearing them although I was in severe pain.

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I guess I was used to been like everyone else until I began realizing how the energy I put into the world is the energy that I get back. I discovered we are the source!!!
If we feel people are looking weird at us or you feel someone feels sorry for you that’s simply because they are triggering an insecurity you are already feeling inside.

When you step out into the world boldly and confident, owning your life and story then you receive confident, loving energy in return.

So own it!!

Be you and Be Here Now no matter what your circumstances!

There will never be another you and your gifts are needed in this world! ❤️💪🏼❤️

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