Story of a Side Chick

I’m 34 years old and am finally moving on after 15 years of being the other woman. I can’t believe I gave him all of my twenties and half of my thirties. It was hard leaving him, but it’s all about self worth. We deserve to be someones one and only girlfriend and future wife.

I believed in our love for way too long. “Love” isn’t enough in a relationship like this. Once you tear that bandage off of your eyes and break things off with him, it’s an eye opener and the worst is over.
I was so scared of leaving him and breaking his heart because I still loved him so very much myself. But after 15 years of being together and talking about one day finally being just me and him, can you guess what his response to our breakup was? “I’ll leave the keys in the mailbox for you and you won’t ever see me again.” What kind of man did I just give 15 years of my life to?!

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Moral Lessons

It’s never too late to stand up for yourself and your happiness.

Don’t stay with him because you’re set in your ways and comfortable.

Don’t stay with him because you’ve already stayed for so long.

Don’t stay with him period!

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