Confident women don’t wait for men to decide

Confident women don’t wait for men to decide if they want them or not. They set a timetable they’re comfortable with and leave men who aren’t ready.  

Jill Scott made a remarkable comment that she gives a man six months to figure if the relationship will go anywhere.

 If at the end of six months she doesn’t see any promise, she ends it. There’s no need wasting anyone’s time if the relationship is not going anywhere.  

You know what, I totally agree with her why should you stay in a relationship wasting each other others times when you both know it isn’t working, or the other partner has made it clear in words and or action that they aren’t interested anymore; it’s like you trying to lie to yourself.

So, if you are waiting for a man to make up his mind about you, make it up for him and move on.  If a man is unsure of you, then he’s really not sure about you.  He doesn’t want to marry you now because he’s probably waiting to see if something better comes around the corner.  

If a man wants to be with a woman, he will. It’s just that simple.  Men aren’t that complicated.  If he tells you that he wants to be with you, but not right now, he’s not willing to make the effort.  He knows that no matter what he does, you won’t leave.  It may also mean that you’re fulfilling a need for him and he already knows you’re not the one for him.

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If you’re in a situation where you’re waiting for a man to make up his mind about you, to commit to you, then you need to get yourself out of it.  It’s a 99% chance he won’t change and you’ll grow old waiting on him.  Give him a little time, but give him an ultimatum.  

If he’s not ready when you’re ready, walk away.

Walk away not because he doesn’t deserve you or you don’t him, he is not just ready or sure about you and you can’t force someone against their will especially when emotions are at play.   

You deserve to be with someone who is 100% sure about you.  You deserve a man who wants to be with you and will move heaven and earth to prove to you that he wants you and only you.  So, go find him.

Have you ever waited for a man before you realized that he wasn’t going to ever change?  If so, comment below.

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