Wishing you a cool, relaxed Sunday

My Dear Gracious Friend,

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Wishing you a cool, relaxed Sunday overflowing with your inner peace, playfulness & unbound joy.🧡🌼🧡

May Your genuineness, compassion & goodness ripple across your world.🧡🔆♥️

May your day be easy, breezy, full of self love, inner peace & gratitude; joy & fulfilment as you flit merrily through your routine tidying up; relaxing in your lawn, admiring the intricate beauty of a flower; catching up with friends; livening up lives by your humour, caring & by infusing hope/ optimism; picking up new interests to upgrade yourself; spending time with cheerful kindred souls.

What a liberating realisation- good company is welcome but you, yourself are wholesome.

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Your carefree liveliness is a source of joy & comfort to everyone.

Rock on & make life livelier for everyone.🙏🙏♥️😊♥️⚡️🧡🔥🧡🔆😍🔆🧡🔥🧡♥️😊🙏🙏

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Written by: Brigadier Sewak Sidhu.

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