We boarded the plane of testing and trials I -Mrs Black

I’m aware that people hardly share the complexities and struggle that comes with this union called marriage. And I’d say this off the bat if you don’t view marriage has a covenant, the series of my next posts aren’t for you. come back later 😉

I like to give you a very balanced view but stories or lessons aren’t only mine to share so I must ask for permission.

My husband lost his job a day after we named our second son

I was away with my family, about to have our second child, hubby wasn’t with me as he was with the first, no biggy as he had to work. We named our dear son OLUWATONI meaning “God Is enough” and two days later hubby sends me an email with his lay off letter. Like I just born last week and dem come sack you 9 days later 😳👀🙆🏿.

Those emojis were my first reactions, especially because I KNOW how much my husband loved the work of his hands, anybody married to a pilot knows they are the second wife🤣 they just love being in the air, most pilots take immerse pleasure in what they do, I respect them so much!

That’s how I started crying oh, immediately called him on the phone. His first reaction was: oh no baby stop crying, this is a blessing!

I’m like 🧐👀 sure you are okay? He responded and assured me that he was fine. I believed him.

Little did we know we were about to walk an 11 month road of severe testings and fire. Everything will be tested. Him, I and the marriage itself.

When a man loses his job it’s almost like you have taken away his very essence. So instead of spending 3 months like i did when I had my first, I packed my load at exactly 4 and a half weeks and came home to my baby.

I was met with a small meeting a few days later. My husband decided we should sell one car, only 2 domestic staff could remain, excesses were about to be cut off.

I was like wooo wooo wooo calm down, we aren’t poor naaaaa shebi I’m working, he said that’s exactly why

me I can’t share car with you oh ogbeni, I will not go back to timetable with car. We were still struggling when he said the housekeeper who doubled as a cook should go too🙆🏿🙆🏿
I’m like what sort of arrangement is this kehinde? That one caused big fight because I told him

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