We boarded the plane of testing and trials II -Mrs Black

Every single marriage will go through its seasons and its tests, no one is exempt. Not one person.

I sincerely asked if all of this was necessary, we weren’t big spenders prior, we did only what was needed at the time. Why are you you removing all my comfort? Hubby said bunmi, these are peculiar times and we need to tighten our belts, we don’t know how long this would last.

Rather than scoff, complain and throw my own weight around, because I could afford it. I decided to submit to wisdom under the authority of Christ. When I’m not in submission to my husband I’m in rebellion against Christ.

I wanted to have the right perspective and do it in joy 🥲. People have less and are happy. I was determined that my captain knew what he was doing. I reached out to secret place wife as well to discuss some of my blind spots. She doesn’t mince words with me at all🤣

We started sharing my car because he sold his, I went back fully into the kitchen, he joined me in my work at ShredderGang.
Hubby will answer phone calls, take orders, deliver products to our clients. Nothing was too small for him to do.
He took on huge responsibility at home and at work while still looking for a job. The only salary he had was the one I was paying him.

It’s at this juncture, I want to talk about perspective, perspective is everything. How you SEE is crucial. In this time, we had a unified home, things were not where they should have been (they were exactly where they should have) we had a strong sense of purpose and direction. Were there times we overstepped boundaries, yesssss.. but listening to God first especially for me (I dey craze, sometimes) and then reconciliation.

SEASONS: this is a fact of life, everyone will go through seasons, both individually and as a couple. Seasons are not meant to kill you, but to build you. I often look back on this time and see it as an organized testing. In a season of lack, we were abundant, in a season of confusion, we were at peace. In a season of drought, our valley was full. We had all we truly needed- each other. Because of a sense of purpose, vision and perspective.

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