We boarded the plane of testing and trials IV -Mrs Black

The loss of the job tested him in previous column https://spicesforlife.org/?p=3142, the circumstances as a result tested me, our interactions within the circumstances tested the marriage. I started by saying Marriage is a covenant, not a contract. If you are going to excel you are going to have to play by the rules, no corners cut.

So one day, the company that wasn’t even hiring decided to call Kehinde in for a chat. It was a Tuesday. He went in they liked him, next question- do you have US visa, yes I do. What do you think about us sending you for training on Thursday 🙆🏿🙆🏿😭😭😭
Somebody rababababaababaaaa😭😭😭😭 and just like that, baba was on a plane in two days. HE GOT THE JOB! And a powerful offer, when i saw the offer I entered the toilet to weep before the Lord. I wept and wept 150% increase on ALL fronts. Not only that over the next 365 days God orchestrated a program for him in which he was able to get back the hours he lost by being home for 11 months. If you know anything about aviation, hours are like their life line. God was incredibly gracious and full of mercy toward hubby.

Why did I share this? Quite frankly it’s not anybody’s business but I’m well aware that part of my mandate is to share, is to live my life as an open epistle for men to read. As I open up to you, you in turn open up to God.

I chose this photo specifically because it was the day I publicly honored my husband infront of his family and friends. It wasn’t a milestone age, but I wanted him and them to know how much of a special human being he is. A man that was upstanding during severe shaking, never losing faith in God or himself. Standing by me and pushing me further along in my own career while his own none existent. Being there for his friends while going through his own testings.

Today, again I publicly honor captkblack for your strong faith in God, patience with this goat 🤣 *inside joke* and just being a man of God. It’s not by shouting.

Marriage is a partnership, loose yourself from unrealistic expectations, love your spouse with everything in your being.

Be content.

Walk humbly before your God.

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