Transparent Post: How I overcame excessive spending

I used to be that girl who will spend almost all her salary on expense mostly relevant today irrelevant tomorrow things. I was also a giver, a giver that was taken advantage of because of that giving.Yes me. But today let’s talk about the former please.

Let me go a bit deeper; Anytime I wanted to buy stuffs I would wake up early dawn on a Saturday, go to Accra to buy stuffs. Although I had a fair idea about what I was going to buy I mainly go un-budgeted, unplanned and undisciplined.

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I was just there to buy.Because I always go there un-budgeted, unplanned and indiscipline, I always ended up buying trash or stuffs I really don’t want or need at that moment and sometimes I even forget to buy the things for which I went to the market. I was deeply indulged in impose buying.

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My purchase for my needs and wants was a routine habit month after month, it was like my basic knowledge in accounting and economies was all thrown away.

In general, one could say I was bad at money management and funny though my stream of income was just one with maybe once in awhile philanthropies who would bless you with a few cedi’s here and there.

This had a negative implication on my savings and my goals but then I didn’t really know and I blame my inability to attain my yearly goals on the devil.

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I’m sure God and the angels were always saying ‘this girl what is she praying for now; nobody is doing you Mercy; it is your habit that is doing you’.

Aside this, I also had this significant misconception also that once you pay your tithe God will cover you up for those bad habits.

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Luckily, I’m someone who likes to take stock of my life (personal inventory) and during one these inventory periods I took a sincere personal inventory with all of heart. This was my break through.

After that sincere personal inventory, I was able to self-diagnose myself and to swallow the glaring bitter truth but there was work to do, so;

I rewrote my financial goals in DETAILS. Then used excel to create a template for personal monthly budget which had personal care, transport, tithe, food, yes recharge card.

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It was tough initially and I always needed to remind myself every time that I was on budget. After a while I was happy with myself with the level of control and intentionality

I had over my finance. My MINDSET has been RENEW and I sought off hold this ideology that someday I would render an account with what I did with every money that came to me to God.When I see an item and I like, I check my budget list if it’s not there I wait it out.

I would not die without it. Even if it’s there but the season is not yet due, I don’t force myself. I try to live below and within my means I’m not in any competition with anyone, I have the next generation to take care of and footprints to leave behind.

I don’t need a room full of clothes, shoes and bags that may soon be obsolete beside I have sat in classes and watched people repeat cloths continuously for years and they never die neither were they disadvantaged.I still believe I’m not there yet but I am fighting not just fighting for increase in my physically and mental health but also financially health.

Our tithe is for God to bless us and rebuke the devourer which He does but we might not see the manifestation of this blessings when we are spenders.

He would always do His part but it will be like He pouring His blessings into a woven basket.

I pray this blesses you. Can I get an Amen?

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