Dear Beautiful Soul

Dear Beautiful Soul,
Welcome to our lives 
Today I decree and pray for you that
God has placed a mantle of grace upon you
And blessings for nations inside of you
A message for generations through you.

You will grow in good health and strength
You will be smart, intelligent and brilliant
You will excel above your peers.

You will stand tall
You will rise to higher heights unimaginable

You are grace personified
Mercy exemplified
You will bring forth in due season
Your feet will touch grounds of honey
Your skin baths in milk
Your head shines with oil

Your heart is kind
Your decisions are fair and just
Your wisdom brings peace to the Land.
Men are greater because of you
Your wife will find you in due season and together you will build a beautiful home with children.
The Lord will be your God and fortress
You will serve him with all your heart.
In Jesus name, amen.

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