Uncle Ebo on how to break the addiction of masturbation

From last week I have been inundated with people asking how to break the addiction of masturbation.

Yes, I was a Christian and a leader in the ministry but still struggled with this. I confessed to my fellow leaders and was rebuked.

I’d like to share my story, again. It might help someone.
As a young man in my 20’s, I was into masturbation. Heavily.

Interestingly after the meeting, some of the other leaders came to confess to me that they were guilty of the same.
I then embarked on a personal retreat at the beach, to wrestle with God until I hear from Him. But after about 30 minutes I had a strong urge to go to church, it was a Sunday. I did and the sermon was for me, from Romans 7.

It taught me that I wasn’t a pervert. With that knowledge, somehow I was able to move away from masturbation.

Fast forward I started courting my wife and we determined to go to the altar in holiness but we weren’t quite holy. We were ‘petting’.

I knew what we were doing wasn’t honoring God.

So I went on a one week fast and stayed away from my wife to be.
At the end of the fast, filled with anointing I went to visit her but as I approached her house ‘Kojo Mensah’ started to respond. I was getting an erection! I broke into tongues but the harder I prayed the harder the erection got.

I cried to God: “How do I stop living in sexual sin?” God directed me to wield the sword of the Spirit – recite memory verses on Holiness and purity and as I did, the erection dissipated. And we were able to stay off each other until we went to the altar.

God’s word is the sword of the spirit that’s why David said: “Your word I have hidden in my, That I might not sin against You ” (Ps 119 vrs 11).

Dear Christian trying to quit sexual sin:
1. Understand that the body and spirit are at war.
2. Memorize scriptures on purity and holiness and recite when the need arises.
3. Take one day at a time; celebrate the victories but if you fail, tomorrow is another day.
4. Hold yourself accountable to someone and confess your sin to him/her

Finally, remember at certain levels of addiction, willing yourself to quit doesn’t make you stop. It’s warfare.

Written by Uncle Ebo Whyte

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