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For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. (Psalm 75:6-7)

Once upon the time I was working with a company,  all was fine, until when it was near to be promoted  as head of department I had this feelings in my spirit that my bosses (management ) want to unfairly terminate my appointment, so I told my colleagues in my department and they couldn’t believe it and even doubted me.  

One day the then head of department (whose position I was about to take, who double as a Lecturer) told me that management says for me to get take over the position  from him I had to write exams…. Ei! Brethren I wrote three paper which they timed it three (3) hours each, overloaded question papers even some of them I spent four hours but I couldn’t finish. 

I got to the office in one of those day and told my colleagues that today is my last day, they ask whether I am resigning I said No, but management will terminate my appointment, still they doubted me. In the evening before I closed management called me to a meeting and said because I couldn’t pass the promotional exams, they’re terminating my appointment (but if I failed my promotional exams do, I lose my current position too? (unfair termination)) but I didn’t say anything because I knew what was coming so I have been praying that the Lord prepare me for a better future. So I left and after sometime a friend I got whiles working there and I start a business in five months we made  a revenue of GHC 364,400 and a net profit of  GHC 144,000, we didn’t have an office to operate from , nothing, no equipment, not even company laptop, no permanent workers, apart from the two of us… and no client who gave job bothered about that!

My three years’ salary at my previous place would not even mount up to that!  Promotion comes from no man!

Your promotion is not the ghc100 or the 5%-10% added to your salary! Your promotion is from God! And when God promote You. Your contenders will be shocked! This is our heritage as children of God!

From today May you receive divine promotion in your Career, business, marriage or relationship and any area in your life where you have been waiting for the Lord to intervene in Jesus Name!


Your blessed

Have Blessed Day

Written by Elder Oppong Jnr

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