Reviewing your place in someone’s life

Before we talk about how to review a budget let’s me just put this across
So Fun fact about me:
I like having real unapologetic conversations with friends specifically close ones (M/F) once in awhile.
I ask questions in-between conversations like :
*how is our friendship going?
*It’s there something I could do to make it better?
*What do you think about this year?
*Where are you going, what can I do to help?
*What do you think or don’t you like or reason with?
*What are the expectations

Normally the other party isn’t really aware and I don’t load all the questions at a goal.

Why do I do this 👆👆👆?

To get their unapologetic answers

Of what purpose is the above questions?

It’s called Reviewing your place in someone’s life and to put in alignment the investment of your TIME.
This will help you to have better conversations.

To keep up.

To talk about projects (building,self development,career, marriage etc) rather than discuss people and celebrities.
Can we now take budget review in the next post ☺️

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