How the Editor of Women’s Hub choose to remember the late Pastor Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo

Kemi Ajumobi Editor of Women’s Hub, business day Media Ltd, Nigeria penned down her encounter and blossom relationship with the late beauty queen and CEO of Elizabeth R Pastor Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo (Trinity House Church, in Lagos Nigeria) upon her sudden demise  on 14th June,2020 below is the excerpts.

Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo dies suddenly aged 39. - CNN

14th of June, 2020, we can never forget. An angel went home.
There are several stories to remember her for…several… but I will pick 3.
Firstly, for the 7th edition of the annual women’s conference I coordinate in Business Day, titled Inspiring Woman Series, I had sent her a message and ‘harassed’ her. Telling her I would love to see her lovely face in the hall to encourage me. I told her she ‘dared’ not miss it (Like I could do anything if she did not come, shakara threat😃…but I was convinced she would, and she did🙏🏾).

It took place at The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. As I stepped out of the hall to check on the servers and I turned to go back in, guess who was climbing the staircase wearing a smile that melted the tension of coordinating away?…your guess is as good as mine. The Queen herself, looking simple and classy (always does) carrying her beautiful black Chanel bag.

I walked briskly to her and gave her a hug. If Ibidun hugs you, your worries will be jealous. I was ecstatic to see her. Despite her busy schedule, she made time to come. It meant the world to me. She knew I was taking her to her table and it was in front. Typical of her, she wanted to sit at the back but I told her the tables were numbered so she could not sit on someone else’s seat. Ladies and gentlemen, that was how I won the ‘debate’😃.
She waited till the end and we took amazing pictures together. One of my favourite pictures with her.
Secondly, Guess what? By the time she was coming for the 8th edition of Inspiring Woman Series, she came as a speaker. It was her son’s 1 year birthday. You can imagine how elated I felt when she agreed to honour the invitation. The sacrifice for me was a BIG DEAL! She came, enriched our lives with her story and left for the birthday.

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It’s her one year anniversary and has we celebrate her we bring you special edition of how people celebrated her


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