Wishing You a splendid, heart warming Wednesday

My Dear irresistible Friend, Gleeful good morning.💜😊💜 

Wishing You a splendid, heart warming Wednesday overflowing with your compassionate authenticity & candour.💛😊💛 May your simplicity, humility & sincerity endear you to everyone. 💛🔥💛 

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May your day be full of routine chores, discussions, deals & a smiling heart; laborious , unending paperwork, sneaking temptations to shortcuts which your effortlessly overcome, smiling to yourself; frank & free discussions yielding to consensus on every issue; going on a round & picking up used empty paper boxes/ plastic bottles & depositing these in the waste paper bins; negotiating openly & fairly with competitors without fear/ favour & winning lifelong friendships ; dealing with every emergency & challenge deftly & cheerfully; peace, honesty & joy reigned supreme.

It is sometimes more effective for your deeds to speak for you… appreciation, admiration & recognition follow on their own. Stand tall & upright as Hercules You are.🙏😊🙏🌹🌼🌹🌟🔆💎😍💎🔆🌟🌹🌼🌹🙏😊🙏

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Written by: Brigadier Sewak Sidhu

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