Dear Unemployed: NABCO is a stepping stone

Dear Unemployed,

NABCO is not good enough but Great, it keeps you afloat.Start!!!!

You will surely finish, nothing comes to the idle hand, just pain and regret! The money is not enough but will you make more staying home and jumping with your pride?

Sooner rather than later you become a burden.Your Degree, Masters and all the certificates are useless when it doesn’t put food on your table. Everyone deserves a fair wage but you are better with little than nothing.

There are a lot of people who humbled themselves because of similar situations and ate the humble pie,worked double to generate multiple streams of income are now today the people we admire.

Just make the move, social media commentary will come , they will make you feel like nothing but the truth is that only you are drowning, those encouraging you to quit won’t stop their jobs or send you stipends. Only you control your life! Do what’s best for you.

No money is enough, it’s completely unwise to reject a job that can take care of your lorry fare phone credit’s other upkeep,and keep you busy, on such jobs you picked them up with clear timelines

Sometimes you just need the experience to add unto your CV, for a better opportunity some other day. We all need to start from somewhere.

NABCO is great. Some companies take trainees from NABCO and eventually graduate them to staff depending on how quickly they pick up and their level of commitment.

Taking the NABCO step simply means you’re committed to working, no matter how little the remuneration. Though some simply take it as a means of survival, many more are simply genuinely seeking to do something with their lives.

Sitting at home and saying salaries are not enough is something is at your disadvantage in the long run while others are on the same small salary and gaining experience with time?

NABCO is a stepping stone.

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