Pandita Ramabai: The Woman who Evangelized India

She died at the age of 64 after winning the greatest number of widow and children for Christ.

At the Heart of the Empire

She lost her only daughter who was 40 years, she lost everything that could be of earthly reward but not Christ.

Hear her, ”I am literally penniless with no income of any kind. I own nothing on earth except a few clothes and my bible.

To evangelize a whole nation she organized a 6 month intercessory prayers after which God sent her financial help to carter for 6,000 souls in her Orphanage.

Ramabai summarizes the revival that came after the six months of concentrated prayer: “In six months from the time we began to pray in this manner the Lord graciously sent a glorious Holy Ghost revival among us, and also in many schools and churches in this country. The results of this have been most satisfactory. Many hundreds of our girls and boys have been gloriously saved, and many of them are serving God and witnessing for Christ at home and in other places.”

The Lord taught her on how to solely trust on Him alone for her ministry, she owes no one a dime yet feed over 20,000 everyday in the last 12 years of her life.

Pandita Ramabai was a godly woman of a little stature. This saint was known as “The Mother Of The Pentecostal Movement” in India.

Epic Channel India on Twitter: "#PanditaRamabai was a remarkable woman who  pioneered women's education & rebelliously championed for women's rights.  She was the first to promote the welfare & education of Indian

She operated a kind of orphanage known as Mukti Mission,where she took care of and trained little children in the things of God.

One night,her persecutors dropped poisonous snakes into her yard while she and her children were sound asleep.The snakes invaded the children rooms and began to bite them.Their terrifying cries woke up Pandita Ramabai and others.She rushed to the place the girls were and she saw snakes all over the place.

By this time,some of the children were already dead,and others were dying. The people with her were confused,they didn’t know what to do.

Remember it was the middle of the night? Pandita Ramabai told the children not to worry, she took one of the live snakes with her bare hand,lifted it up,used it as a point of contact for other snakes.

She then commanded the snake in her hand to die, which happened immediately.

As the snake in her hand died,every other snake in the rooms and in her yard died also.

She then commanded the snakes poison out of the bodies of her little children which happened, AND SHE RAISED ALL THE DEAD CHILDREN BACK TO LIFE….. EVERYONE!


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