Lessons I wish I had learnt at the basic stage

There are so many lessons I wish I had learnt at the basic stage to appreciate and apply them. The thing with wisdom, and often with life lessons in general, is that they’re learnt in retrospect, long after we needed them.

The good news is that other people can benefit from our experiences and the lessons we’ve learned. Most people would say that there are some lessons that come too late, catching us off-guard and unprepared.

The following list unveils some of these lessons:

1. Don’t let one bad chapter ruin your entire story.


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Sometimes, being alone gives you time to think about stuffs in your life you would never willingly do. Being alone helps you clear your mind. Learn to be alone, walk alone and be in your own space. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely.

3. In this journey call life, you will have people coming in and out of your life, but at the end of the day, you need to tell yourself that the only person who will stay in your life forever and never let you go, is you. Love yourself!!! And again, I say, Love yourself!!!

4. Not everyone that is following you has your interest at heart some are in competition with you.

5. The best thing to do for yourself is to stop chasing someone who’s okay with losing you.

6. Realize your worth, because once you realize your worth, you’ll be embarrassed at the stuff you’ve had once settled for, so from the moment you realize your worth, make sure to raise your standards and set boundaries and be your own best friend!!!

7. There are certain things you gotta do for yourself. This is for you. This isn’t about anybody. Live for you. Honour yourself, treat yourself right, and never lose sight of that!!!

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8. Life will throw a lot of unwanted stuff at you for sure, but you need to stand up every time something is thrown at you no matter how deep it hurts. Life must go on.

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, and how you can still come out of it.

– Maya Angelou-.

9. Laugh with everyone but put not your trust in anyone. Guide your heart with all diligence.

10. All you see isn’t all there is. There is more to life; be open to different perspectives to life.

11. An old broom has it value and the taller the Bamboo grows the deeper it bows; be humble to everyone. Note that without all contradiction the lesser is blessed by the greater.

12. Don’t be too sweet, people will use you!!!

13. Learn to be unavailable; it is a poor spiritual hygiene to give everyone access to you.


14. Be so private that no one can do nothing but assume. Not everything is meant for social media. A private life is a happy life.

15. Learn to forgive people but importantly YOURSELF

16. Don’t be too quick to pass judgement on people. Wait until your opinion is sought after before you dish them out. Mind your business.

17. Learn to ignore what people say about you behind your back. There is no king who is not gossiped about.

18. Learn to make money, poverty is slavery. It is not shame to hustle for money because when a person runs out of words, it is money that does the talking.

20. Lastly give every opportunity your best shot. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget not to be hard on yourself 🙂🙂

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