Let me tell you about my friend Efua.

She is a very affable person. Almost everyone gravitates towards her. But of course she has those who hate her with a passion.

She is kind and always ready to help.

Efua is the ‘go to’ person for a lot of people and she always has a way of making everyone feel ‘better’ before leaving her presence.

But unknown to many people, Efua was slipping deep into a dark hole. She had issues. A lot of issues!!! professional, family, financial etc.

Though she is not the type that bottles up things, she had very few people to talk to, because of who she is.

Unfortunately, those she trusted to talk to always pushed the burden back on her. She was reminded of what a good person she is, how strong she’s been so far and her ‘privileged’ position (though I still don’t understand that). Maybe one day she will explain it better. She was the only one always ‘spoken’ to.

However, as hard as she tried, She never felt her hurts and pains were properly addressed. In fact the ‘counselors’ ended up burdening her the more, unknowingly!!!

One dark day, an incident that she would have usually glossed over, somehow finally pushed Efua into the dark bottomless pit!!!

She nearly did the unthinkable. Not only was she going to put herself in grave danger, but she was going to take her child along on the ‘midnight trip!!’

But God had not forgotten about her. Her child suddenly woke up, looked at her and said ‘no mummy, noooo’. 😢

She suddenly ‘woke up’.

You see, prior to this incident, Efua had consistently complained about how stressed she was. She had talked about how unhappy she felt about many things. She often felt lonely, unappreciated and taken for granted.

She kind of realized she was getting depressed!! But like everyone said to her, she had believed she is strong and could handle it!!! She would be ok. How wrong she was.

Before September ends, I want to remind you, that you everybody can fall victim to depression!

Before people commit suicide, they always give a hint!!

They always cry for help.

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