You deserve better

Have you ever had the opportunity to pause and think,

Think deeply, about what this life is all about?

All the hustle, pain, bitterness, hurt, lies?

All the fighting, unnecessary competition ?

Yet turn around and smile and laugh with them?

Plotting evil for the one who you share a bed with?

The one you eat with?

The one you call your wife,

The one you call your husband,

The one you call your loved one,

The one you call your colleague and even child?

Have you ever paused, to think about why you are causing so much pain?

And have you paused to think about WHY YOU ARE ENDURING ALL THIS PAIN?

Why you are staying in this miserable ‘place’?

Why do you think you don’t DESERVE BETTER?

Find Yourself and be better

Things may not be alright but please stop crying.

Wipe your tears! Rise Up!

Find Yourself and Live!

When you know Better, You must Do Better.

Breathe, Live, Love, Laugh !

You are so beautiful, precious, unique and worthy!

You deserve to be Happy!!

It’s a tough life, but we can do better and we deserve better!

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