Delight yourself in the Lord

Everyone is trying to find “delight.”

But just like Eve most people are seeking to find their primary delight in things other than the Lord, and they end up unfulfilled and and hurting as a result.
Many people look for their delight in their family

and there are joys to be found in family but we also know that family can leave you, or death may happen, or become estranged from you. That’s not just theoretical; it happens, doesn’t it? And when it does, where is your delight?

You can’t find your ultimate and permanent delight in your family.
Although many men find their delight in their job and again, there is a legitimate place for working hard and feeling good about that but you have to be careful that you don’t try to find your ultimate fulfillment in your work.

What if you lose that job? What if you become disabled and cannot work? Then where will your delight be?
Many people look for their delight in their husband or wife.

And there isn’t a legitimate delight you can and should have in your spouse ;you why ?

Because death can happen, feelings and preferences may change and life happens too

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It is only God who can give you the ultimate satisfaction and delight you are looking for.

His delight comes with peace of mind.Even you are in the worst situation because your delight is found in him and you trust his capacity you become unbothered and unshaken.

God’s saying here, don’t be too easily pleased.

Don’t settle for what will never ultimately satisfy you
I pray that from today you will know God and Delight yourself in the Him alone and He will give you the desires of your heart.


God bless you

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    1. Yes indeed He is the only one who can heal the broken-hearted.
      Thank you Jenny for reading and commenting,I really appreciate it.
      Have a blessed week 🙂 🙂 !!!

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