“Part of your super-power is the ability to emote”
Emote (verb)
UK /ɪˈməʊt/
US /ɪˈmoʊt/ )

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To show emotion in a way that makes it very clear what you are feeling

Please choose your friends wisely and pray for the right people to make their way into your life because last night I had a conversation with a couple of some friends and what my friend casually described as a super-power last night in a conversation that wasn’t even about me, is what people have condemned in the past with comments like, “You are too expressive”, “you are too emotional”, “you are so dramatic” “you are so sensitive” etc.

Choose Your Friends Wisely | HuffPost

People live their entire lives thinking they are flawed because their strengths are regarded as weaknesses by the people in their lives! So instead of trying to regulate the excesses in those strengths (because our strengths are usually unbridled when we’re starting off), they try to get rid of those strengths completely!! They try to become a version of their critics’ ideals!

So someone like me, who grew up describing every incident to the last detail, sometimes with “extra” (which is the excesses I was talking about) would suddenly decide she wants to start saying very little or not even speak at all because she has been told all her life that she talks too much!! This decision will now lead to a bitter, unproductive, unfulfilled person contributing little to nothing to humanity because she’s going against the essence of her existence by becoming someone else!!!!

May we become the voices that highlight everyone’s superpowers!!

May we begin to see beyond the seeming “flaw” in the lives of the people around us!

May we cheer people on and guide the ones in our sphere of influence on the path to curbing their excesses as they improve their strengths!!

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