The Refiner’s fire

Sometimes Gods preparation comes packaged as pain

Like gold in its raw state it must go through the refiner’s fire

The refiner’s fire melts down a metal, such as gold or silver, for purification purposes. Once a metal is in its melted down state, the dross in the metal rises to the top and is then removed from the metal before it cools.

Everyone Enters the Fire, Abiding in the Crucible – Freedom Fighters

A refiner’s fire does not destroy the metal, rather it allows the junk within to come up so that it can be removed. A refiner’s fire does not consume, it makes the metal better and more valuable so it is with God.
In the book of 2Corrianthians 4: 16 -18, the bible said” so we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. “

If you’ve spent much time in your life lately, you’ve probably found plenty of reasons to feel hopeless, afraid, or angry. Looking at what is going on in your

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Today I want to encourage your heart this morning that you see God never wastes a hurt, and He’s preparing you for something far greater through the trials, struggles, and pain you’re experiencing now so don’t lose hope.

All that you going through is the preparation for a greater height in life.
I want to pray with you that God strengthen even as you go through this difficult moment in your life, may His peace fill your heart to overcome all that is going on in Jesus name.


God bless you

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