Why good girls remain single and bad girls get married Saturday after Saturday.

A friend of mine once ask me why the ladies who were considered bad girls back in school are married whilst the good ones remain single and some don’t even get married at all.

I couldn’t answer the question tangibly but I noted the question and begun to research into it and came across an eBook titled  

‘‘Why Good Girls Remain Single’’ by Nelson Asuen.

Have you heard of these girls’ favorite phase” I am waiting for my Mr. Right”, ‘‘when is my Mr. Right coming’’.

Some start saying this at the age of 25 by the time they will realize they will be getting to their 40 and remain single. In this article we will be looking at the reason why Good girls remained single while Bad girls get married.

 1. Entitlement Mentality

Some ladies think God and the whole world owes them for living a righteous and a holy life. Some people think keeping their femininity or virginity gives them an automatic access to a good man. It is a lie ladies . I am not saying engage in immoral lifestyle what I’m saying is that a lot of ladies have been brainwash by the church and movies(especially in mine part of society) to believe that being a virgin automatically warrant you to getting married to a good man or a rich man or a man of God. Well, sadly

that isn’t true.

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Lack of Self Improvement.

Some girls are so bored to with that the only thing they know and can talk about is living a moral Live or trending celebrity gossips other than that they are selective in the conversation they choose to talk about and respond to.

To add to this, I think the message of being a ‘virtuous woman’ has robbed some good girls of intelligence. Most of these single summits are centered on keeping the home, being prayerful and being virtuous; a term that has been misalign by many rather that engaging them also in topics such politics, business, lifestyle, fashion, finance etc.

And so, we have ladies that attend this seminars week after week in a bid to get married only to end up single in the 40’s or be in regrettable relationships.

Packaging Sense.

Many ladies don’t have the sense of packaging themselves very well for market. This has nothing to do with nudity, no matter how extraordinary a lady’s character is, it must be packaged very nice and beautiful for men to see. You should know that beauty first before character.

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Some ladies take their spiritual status very serious that it has taken away their femaleness. It is very good to grow in spirit and get Closer to God but not to the extent that you will forget about your femininity which makes most ladies look like men. And no man would like to marry his fellow man.

Most men are attracted by what they see even pastors; they want ladies who are in their femininity with nice makeup, good shape, sweet smell, nice hair, cool dress sense and others. Character is not what matters most.

Over Familiarity/ Friend Zone

Some ladies categorized some male friends as ‘‘he is just a friend, there is nothing between us” and the  me I can’t date my best friend statement .

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They tend to have forgotten that it is through friends we become lovers. There are many good girls with very good male friends who really like them but they choose to keep them in friend zone for these reasons.

They keep praying and fasting to God for their Mr. Right while Mr. Right is at their door step but has been friend-zoned. By the time they will release they have pushed their Mr. Right for their best friends.

Zero Social life

Most good girls are mainly found indoors and churches forgetting that good guys are not only found at church or their neighborhood.

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While these bad girls we say are found in every social gathering, how come they would find good men.

Many good girls don’t even know how to relate or carry a conversation with men since they don’t have personal experiences with men expect their brothers and fathers.

The Principle of Respect

In every relationship the man need respect as well as the lady which is relatively in form. However, in all cases men need it more, they’re ego is easily bruised at the slightly sign of disrespect especially with African men. Many good or educated girls seems to forget this and kills their relationship with disrespect and controlling attitudes but the bad girls take this fact as a key device to keep their men in any way they can.

High Standards

If God gives every lady the chance to describe the type of men, they want you will see how many people will be describing non-living things. The kind of men they will be describing doesn’t exist.

Ladies will be like I want a guy who is God-fearing, a humble guy, rich, a man who knows how to treat ladies right with cool dress sense. Forgetting that it’s only God that contains all these qualities. So they end up rejecting every man that comes their way and by the time they will realize they have gotten old and men have also started rejecting them. 

The Run mindset

Most good ladies don’t have the mindset of running men. All they know is they want a man who treats ladies well. They forget to treat men as they want to be treated. Even the Bible says we should do unto others as we want others to do unto us. So, you don’t just pray and wait for a man who will meet your needs but ladies should also learn how to amused men. 

Please kindly drop your comments on this, what’s your take on this.

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