This Week, Remember, You’re either history-focused or destiny-focused. Where you came from & where you’re going to are both calling you. You must choose one.

When minutes and hours slip by this week without a proper account of what you did with them, you just might be losing FOCUS.

What are the Plans, Goals and Objectives of this Week?? That’s where FOCUS hinges on!!!

What are others doing? What are they buying? Who are they talking to? Something is certain- If you are stuck with this, you are beginning to lose FOCUS!

This Week, Your Level of FOCUS makes you highly selective with your YES, not everyone will merit it.

Remember, you have too much to DO and BECOME to lose FOCUS this week, distract your distractions!!

Being Busy isn’t the same as Staying FOCUSED. Always answer this question: What is going to be the Result or outcome of my ‘Busy-ness’ and in what way(s) does it fit into my Destiny Objectives.

FOCUS already sees where you are going before you arrive. The Joy of the Destination kicks out every form of Distraction.

Show me your Priorities and I can tell you if you are FOCUSED on your dreams or not.

Godly Relationship produce FOCUS;
F: Follow
O: One
C : Course
U : Until
S : Successful

Have a Blessed Monday and a Phenomenal Week Ahead!


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