If you’ve ever looked at pictures posted on social media and said to yourself, “If this is what success looks like, then I’m definitely a failure,”—you’re not alone. But consider this:

EVERYONE is not at the same place in their life or journey. Some are starting. Many are starting over. Others have hit their stride. And a few are finishing.

APPRECIATE this leg of your journey. Learn from it. Grow in it. Develop relationships with GOD & people thru it. This phase of life is important.

CONNECT to something bigger than yourself. It will stoke your creative fires, provoke your faith, pull you when you’re weak, & push you when you feel like giving up.

STOP COMPARING yourself to others. It’s hard not to. But comparison is a thief. It will puff you up when you think you’re better than others & pull you down when you think you’re not as good.

TALK TO GOD often about everything. BUT talk to Him regularly about WHY He sent you to the earth. Ask questions. Get directions. Read the Bible for understanding. Be persistent in asking Him for WISDOM on how to make a living doing what you’re gifted to do.

Hope this made little sense to you?

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