38 years of marriage lessons from Uncle Ebo Whyte


Life as it is, we mourn and yet there’s something to celebrate. Yesterday mark the 38th wedding anniversary of Uncle Ebo Whyte and his beautiful wife Florence. He attributed the success of their marriage to his gorgeous wife and noted that he enjoyed the 38 years of marriage. He shared some lessons he has learnt from his 38 years journey of marriage.

  1. Largely, women are more prepared for marriage than men. So on the wedding day, women, understand that you have an advantage over the man because you know what you’re getting into. The man may not fully grasp it yet.

2. After marriage the man needs time to transition and mature into becoming a man. Meaning one with emotional maturity; a sense of responsibility; knows how to put the needs of his partner ahead of him; one who understands that accountability isn’t loss of freedom.

3. Marriage doesn’t take away the desire for other women. If you don’t know how to drive, all cars are cars, usually. But when you know how to drive suddenly you begin to appreciate the different the steering wheels, the seats, the sound of the engines etc. and you wonder how it’d feel like to handle each car. Marriage does that especially of you married as a virgin.

4. Staying faithful isn’t easy for a man, doesn’t come naturally for a man but it is a choice a man needs to make every day to live his best life. If a man isn’t faithful he is sabotaging his own life.

5. Respect, Patience and Humility in marriage are more important than love. We court for love but in marriage, love takes a back seat. It’s like a space craft, after takeoff, the booster has to be dropped for the craft to be able to travel its course. Love propels you towards marriage but once you marry, love alone isn’t enough. You need Respect, Patience, Humility and let me add humour.


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