Dear Remarkable Friend:May You experience being blessed in every moment


My Dear Remarkable Friend,

Wishing you a sunny, breezy Saturday full of your gentleness, grace & liveliness. 💃🏿🌼🕺🏼

May your wildest dreams & loftiest aspirations be fulfilled.🙏🧡🙏

May You experience being blessed in every moment as every doubt & worry falls away giving rise to clarity & irresistible optimism; warm welcome wherever you go & whatever you propose being accepted as gospel truth; you pinch yourself to see whether you are dreaming; person’s inimical to you requesting to let bygones be bygones; long forgotten friends sending your good wishes & compliments.

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May your heart swelling with greater compassion & kindness ; every thing falling into place & the world becoming rosier. Your openhearted goodness & positivity drawing greater joy, success & fulfillment.

Rock on, your world is rocking with you.🙏😊🙏🌷🌸🌷🧡🔥🧡⚡️💎😍💎⚡️🧡🔥🧡🌷🌸🌷🙏😊🙏

Written by: Brigadier Sewak Sidhu

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