Oluwakemi Sheba Shares Emotional Testimony Titled My Gratitude Story


I have never shared this story on public space before .Knew I would get around to it one day soon, though.

Can almost bet you zoomed in to look at the picture. I get that a lot actually,not to worry🙂.

The reason you zoomed in to ‘ check properly’, I will tell you the abriged version,but would like to ask at this point ; what are you grateful for?

I was 4 years old and on a journey to see my maternal grandmother in one of the Eastern states of Nigeria ,Anambra to be precise, when one of the tires of the car bust and the car somersaulted. I was standing at the time it happened ,like almost all little children like to do ,while in the car and was flung against the windscreen which left me with lacerations on the right side of my face to which the stitches,I have as scars ,till today,tell part of the story and testify on my behalf.

My sister that was also in the car ,a few years younger than me was flung out of the car and was found crying in a nearby bush.

We were seven in the car( 4 adults and 3 minors) ,when the accident happened and were rushed to University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) as the accident happened along Benin-Ore road , that day of December 21st 1981, just four days to Christmas.


Many things happened that fateful day amongst which was, I wasn’t given a survival chance as the prognosis was devastating, but my dear dear mother stood her ground and insisted against something that was supposed to be done medically, since I most likely was not going to survive, anyways.(maybe one day I will give you that full gist).

God bless you Mama! You are the reason I am alive!!!.

Here I am today a survivor, but with facial palsy ( you can read up on this ).The reason you had to zoom in to see why my face in the picture is ‘somehow’.

I am grateful for how far I have come in spite of the ‘signboard’ on my face (some of my very good friends get angry at me all the time when I say this).

In life what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and remember, as long as you are breathing there is ALWAYS a second chance!

Life is a gift,VALUE it !


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