Kechi Okwuchi writes: The night will definitely come but so will the morning.


On December 10, 2005, I was in a plane crash in Nigeria that took 107 of the 109 lives on board.

I was 16 years old and 1 of 2 survivors, and sustained 3rd degree burns over 65% of my body.

Kechi Okwuchi - Innovative Entertainment

Today, I am a singer, a songwriter, a speaker, a social impact advocate and by spring 2022, I will be a published author.

14 years have passed between the picture on the left and the one on the right.
I look at these before/afters and I marvel at how far God has brought me. I am the result of the hard work of multiple surgeons He brought into my life, nurses, physiotherapists, and love and care from my family, my mom especially.
This is what progress looks like, guys, and I’m grateful that I lived long enough to see it.

I decided to make this post because I want someone who reads this to see that true progress, genuine growth, and lasting change cannot happen overnight.

Most of the time during the journey, maybe like me, you won’t notice changes because day by day they’re too minuscule to make a difference. But if you give yourself a fighting chance, if you find the right kind of support on your journey, one day, definitely one day, you will look back as I did, and you will smile.

I heard this in a song and it stuck with me:
“The night will definitely come. But so will the morning.”



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