Woman Of Substance

Being able to be born on this Earth as a woman is in itself a boon but being able to justify the purpose you are here for, makes your existence and that of others even more worthwhile. Having a presence which the world can feel and see is a blessing which none the less comes with a lot of sacrifices, patience, determination and behind the scenes tears among many other things that no one sees other than God.

When we point out a particular woman and note that she is a WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE it’s not just about the career thing oo, noo it’s way beyond that.

A woman of substance conducts her life with honesty, integrity and patience (Even when her life, job, friends, family drive her crazy, she knows that it is better to respond with patience than to react in anger).

To me, I believe you is more than a woman of substance

She’s a vivacious person; lively and spirited, very knowledgeable not just knowledgeable about makeup or hairstyles, but knowledge about subjects of interest to others.

A noble leader, a voice that never fails when it comes to standing up for what she believes in and that of others.

She knows what gives her joy, what she is good at, what are her principles, and she sticks to it.

You, my darling you are an epitome of a woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning (woman of substance) doing your own things behind the scenes without seeking for attention.

Today we clap for you and we hold you high to where you belong and we say that far many women have done notably well but you surpass them all.

Keep being you, keep embracing your individuality, uniqueness and life journey.

We celebrate you.


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