anonymous woman putting clothes in washing machine

Dear Incredible Friend:may you be blessed with absolute, irrepressible self confidence

My Dear Incredible Friend, Joyous good morning.

Wishing you a very obliging , supportive Saturday overflowing with your dynamism & singleminded focus.

May you be blessed with absolute, irrepressible self confidence; clear vision & methodology; cool levelheadedness; respect for every person; outgoing & helping attitude; cheerfulness & risk taking capability; manifestation of your wildest dreams.

May your day be full of activities which stretch you out of your comfort zone ; innovativeness, imaginative creativity & superlative workmanship; professional delegation of work & fine tuning to integrate your projects; attending to all issues with wisdom & kindness; providing proactive advice, encouragement & appreciation; clock work precision & excellence ; announcing on the spot awards for efficiency & elegance; bringing glow of satisfaction & self worth into every heart; enjoying flow of adrenaline, synergy & the astounding team work.

Your dynamism & organisational skills are par excellence. Not only is the overall performance enhanced but everyone enjoys & feels proud of his work/ contribution- a thorough & caring leader.


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