Challenge to women to express how they truly feel inside


If you knew how many game faces you’re interacting with daily, you’d take your own mask off.

If you’re in motherhood, you may feel that the game faces just got upped a level.

If you’re an empty nester, you may be looking around realizing that it was all played for nothing.

If you’ve been wearing a mask for years and have decided to remove it-stepping back into the authenticity of you’re truth-welcome home.


-She may seem to have it all together.
-She may seem like she’s always happy.
-She may seem to have the perfect relationship with her husband.
-She may seem to be unflappable.
-She may seem to keep her cool with her children at all times.
-She may seem to be super organized.
-She may seem to be accepting of her looks.

‘MAY SEEM’ … the operative words here.

It’s all the perception of what you want to see and what women want to show the world, that creates this false reality.

It’s simply survival. Put on a mask to hide the truth in order not to feel less than or wrong.

We women are our own worst critics. We are so fearful of being real and authentically true, because we’re afraid of rejection.

The thing is, we’re all perfectly imperfect.

Each and every woman has perfect flaws under her mask, flaws that make her special, relatable, and human.

Deep down the number one desire is to be truly seen for who we are, so that we can connect on a deeper level, and be accepted.

Let’s take of the masks ladies.

I’ll tell you, I kept mine on for way too long.

When I finally stopped worrying about what people would think of me, and valued myself more-I was able to truly feel alive.

Today I invite you to speak your truth. Challenge yourself to express how you really feel inside, stand up for something you believe in, or set a boundary for yourself.

Two things will happen:

1. You will feel such relief and peace.
2. Others will respect you, appreciate you, and thank you for showing them what’s possible.

Be real.
Be imperfect.
Be authentically you.1w

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