That thing called the vicious tongue


One of the most painful things to experience is having irresponsible talk directed against you. It can be perpetuated by people close to you or far from you and it’s done in your absence, denying you the opportunity to mount a defense, ruining your dignity and integrity in the process.

People who looked up to you upon hearing such gossips tend to form a perception and an attitude towards you. These perceptions and attitudes formed can take you forever to erase.

A vicious tongue can break bones; they have been the ruin of many people who were minding their own business. Many have had their lives ruined and have been driven from their place of comfort because of people who meddled in their business. Such unwanted interference has resulted in the destruction of people’s career, businesses and homes of respected people.

 Meddlers have caused faithful wives and husbands to be divorced, glowing relationships to breakup, celebrities to lose their shine, faithful workers to be sacked, robbed of everything they had worked for.More people have died unnoticed as a result of loose talk.

One of the best ways to handle a vicious tongue is silence and staying focus, however in instances where you are opportune with evidence that can pin and deny them opportunity of denying their own acts confront them and demand for a public apology .


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